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I typically have multiple Paper space layouts with title blocks, I use this app to do changes to the title blocks, such as revision updates etc, works very well making multiple entries easy, you can also view all the data in title blocks in one place allowing me to error check and maintain consistency across the set of drawings including many drawing files. Have had it fail at the last two up dates in Auto cad, how ever Kyle has always provided good support and resolved the issues.
— Peter Doak
This application has saved me months and weeks of work in span of days.
— Motohide Ho
Really awesome attribute viewer/editor. Indispensable tool for someone who processes the large number of attributes at multiple files at the same time. The most important thing is that the program preserves the current version of the file (not the latest/native) !!! Good and smooth email contact with programmer.
— Antoni Jakubowski
This is great for anyone who ever does mass changes to blocks with attributes. Makes changing revisions or title block information on borders in multiple drawings quick and simple. No more opening each drawing. I have been waiting years for something like this. It has already paid itself off and I look forward to all the potential it has yet to deliver. Thank you!
— Cassandra Joe